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The Internet is changing the way people manage their health

I spotted this over on the Cancerblog, which was talking about the way in which the internet has changed peoples views on managing there health and a recent study by Cisco Systems…(see link below),not specifically cancer or CML related. Link … Continue reading

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Quick update…

Not much happening really, I have to go to the hospital again today, but only to pick up a new prescription of Imatinib.  Bit of a trek for that , but it has to be done! I am still getting … Continue reading

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29 years with CML and counting…

For Skip Duffie, wow….but it shows what is possible, even without the modern drugs, and as he says… people ask how I managed to survive so long, well I had nothing to do with it.  I was just along for … Continue reading

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Catching it early is a boost

Well according to  Emerging Therapies for CML transcript. If you look at early chronic phase patients, those who’ve just been diagnosed, current studies would suggest its only about 4% of those patients who develop resistance. Resistance to Imatinib that is, the … Continue reading

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Post Hammersmith thoughts

So my day in London for my first meeting at the Hammersmith Hospital went very well, in fact probably better than I had anticipated, and I learnt a lot more 🙂 The first thing that hit us was how friendly … Continue reading

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Not too sure what to expect

from tomorrows visit to the Hammersmith Hospital… It seems to have been something that has had a sort of aura about it from the very first meeting I had with Dr S back in December 2006.   Although never said, it was … Continue reading

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The Geoff Thomas Foundation

I heard of this by accident really, I had tuned into the Championship on the telly this Sunday morning, mainly to watch highlights of my football team gain a much needed win in the fight for not getting relegated (again).  … Continue reading

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