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2 out of 200

That is the result from the latest FISH test (Fluorescent in situ hybridization) which I received today from my trip to the Royal Berks.  Which  means out of 200 cells tested only 2 are Leukaemia cells…this is pretty much in … Continue reading

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Genetic Cancer Link Between Humans And Dogs Discovered

Well I don’t have a dog, never had one, not really an animal person so  to speak… But apparently we share more with our canine friends than you might at first think, especially CML wise! "Cancer researchers at the University … Continue reading

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PCR down to 1.07

…so not quite the 1.00 (2 log reduction) that I was looking for, still good news, still going down, still the other blood counts all within normal range.   This BTW was based on the last test from my recent bone … Continue reading

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Busy Busy Busy

Well how time flies, I have been so very busy at home and work that the blogging has dwindled over the last few weeks. I accepted a new role in the company I work for, which I am really super … Continue reading

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Writing Helps Cancer Patients

I know this blog has really helped me in dealing with the whole leukaemia situation but now a study says that writing can help people with cancer and make an improvement to there lives… ‘A new oncology study suggests a … Continue reading

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Strong bones and bent needles

Today I had another bone aspirate, where some of the liquid is taken out of the bones to do some test to see how well the Imatinib is doing. Suffice to say it was a lot better experience that the … Continue reading

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