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5 years living with Leukaemia

Well I guess the title should read 5 years living with Leukaemia and knowing it. This anniversary had nearly passed me by until a little bell went off in the back of my head.  I actually had to go back … Continue reading

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6 weeks on Dasatanib update

So following on from my last post about my struggles with Dasatanib on the first night I am pleased to say that in the following 6 weeks I have been tolerating the medication really well when compared to Imatinib. All … Continue reading

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First night on Dasatanib

So yesterday I finally got my hands onto the new drug Dasatanib/Sprycel that should hopefully get at the mutating CML left in my body. So i took it the same way I did the Imatinib (although not specifically because that … Continue reading

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2011 New Year Update

Well it has been a good 6 months since my last update to this blog and so much has happened in that time, including a move to a new blogging engine and url as Windows Live Spaces was being shut … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Chronic myeloid leukemia: New lab test could identify imatinib resistance

Sorry not much posting on here recently but this article is interesting… “Scientists in Japan may have developed a way to accurately predict those patients who will resist treatment with imatinib, which is the standard of care for chronic myeloid … Continue reading

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NICE: Be NICE to Cancer Patients – Please sign the petition

So one day Glivec may stop workign for me (hopefully not) but for my sake and the other CML sufferes in the UK who are/may become intolerant of Glevic please sign the petition Online petition – NICE: Be NICE to … Continue reading

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My Leukaemia is up by 50%

So may a little red-top over the top use of statistics here… I went for my 3 monthly visit to the Hammersmith yesterday in all the snow and stuff and got my latest PCR (well from back in October) and … Continue reading

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I’ve made it to 40

Today is my 40th Birthday. Which I must admit at times over the last 3+ years I didn’t think I would. Especially after that first meeting with the GP who told me I had 1-3 years to live as I … Continue reading

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PCR update down to 0.08%

Things have been so busy that I had forgotten to update the the blog on my last visit to the Hammersmith a couple of weeks back. Well the really good news is that my PCR is down to 0.08%  which … Continue reading

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